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Why You Should Skip Writing A Birth Plan

First Time Mom: Birth Story

birth story

Birth stories! Ah! Reading/watching birth stories is probably one of my favorite things to do. I know a lot of people don’t view birth to be a “beautiful” thing like many people try to depict it as. However, to me… I don’t even like thinking of the day that I’ll have to be 100% that I don’t want any more kids. The birthing experience is… kind of addicting to me. With both of my birthing experiences, neither of them really went as I had imagined. Although neither went as I imagine/planned… they were still both beautiful in their own way.

Throughout my pregnancy I had dreamed of what I thought the birth would look like. I wanted to try to labor at home as long as possible, avoid Pitocin, and DEFINITELY not get any type of “drugs.” To put it mildly… the idea of having an epidural scared. the. living. crap. out. of. me. Haha. The thought of a needle going anywhere near my spine freaked me out. I also have quite a high pain tolerance. Going into it… I thought there was no chance that I would even THINK about getting an epidural. As you’ll see… nothing went as planned.

Now, onto the good bits!

My due date was December 28, 2012. I had been 4cm dilated for weeks. I had also been having consistent contractions for… months. By no means did I think I would be 40wk3d and headed off to an 8AM Monday morning doctor appointment for an NST. I got all hooked up to the NST and sat there just waiting to pass and be on my way. We had been sitting there for awhile at this point and we were just waiting for him to kick or make some sort of movement. They brought in some juice and peanut butter crackers to try to get him moving. After about 15 or 20 minutes of sitting there he still hadn’t moved at all, which was super weird. He was typically CONSTANTLY kicking my ribs at full force.

They decided that since he wasn’t moving we needed to be sent over to the hospital for a Biophysical Profile (more in-depth NST). For this Biophysical Profile he had to pass (If I’m remembering correctly) 5 out of 8 things in order to pass the stress test. Needless to say, off to the hospital we were, it’s probably about 9AM at this point. After about an hour of laying there with the tech pressing the wand SO hard into my stomach the doctor came in and said I technically just passed, but he was still not moving at this point. So, they were going to induce me. The big catch was that they were totally full in L&D. Long story short… we sat for around 12 hours in Triage.

labor and delivery triage

It’s finally time!

Finally made it to the Labor & Delivery room!

Let’s fast forward to about 8PM that night, December 31. They FINALLY had a bed in L&D, 12 hours after we had been there. By this time he had starting moving again like crazy; I’m pretty sure he was in there protesting until he heard it was safe and that he was getting out of there. We finally got to the room in L&D and got hooked up to Pitocin. Around 4AM they stopped the Pitocin. Honestly, I can’t completely remember why, but I believe it was because my contractions were coming on too fast. A few hours later they started it back up, after I attempted, and failed, to get some rest.

Around 11AM they broke my water, which definitely made the contractions much stronger almost immediately. Contractions were coming on really strong, really hard, and there was no break in between. In between contractions my stomach was remaining SO tight, especially at the bottom of my stomach. I tried getting into the shower and bathtub, but nothing was working. A few hours later I was still in extreme amounts of pain and decided that I needed to do something. I was in constant pain and EXHAUSTED. At this point I had been awake for over 24 hours… and I definitely felt like it. A nurse had suggested to get an IV drug to try to take the edge off.

Contractions, contractions… and more contractions

The (Not So) Fun Part!

This is where the story gets… not so fun. I thought that having what felt like consistent contractions for hours and hours was the worst part, but… I was definitely mistaken. Around 6PM, after the nurse suggested getting an IV drug I, reluctantly, agreed. Worst. Decision. Ever. If you’re thinking of getting an IV drug… just don’t do it. When I was given the IV drug I was in the Jacuzzi. The main thing that I rember is that my contractions were just as intense. While I was having those, just as painful, contractions all I could think about was how badly I needed to pee. I kept mentally preparing myself for getting out of the Jacuzzi once the contraction ended.  However, all that actually happened was me falling asleep/passing out the second it was over… for what seemed like hours.


Epidural time!

The FUN part!

Once the IV drug FINALLY wore off I moved to the bed and decided I was going to get the epidural. Honestly, Best. Decision. Ever. Save yourself the craziness and just get an epidural from the beginning… don’t bother with IV drugs! Once the IV drugs wore off I felt so horrible/out of it that it was pretty much inevitable that I would get an epidural. At around 8PM I got the epidural, at 7cm dilated. I was EXHAUSTED. I hadn’t slept in about 36 hours at this point… and I could definitely feel it. Well, other than the sleep that I got while passing out with the IV drug. For the next few hours I rested with the peanut shaped birthing ball between my legs. Around 10PM (January 1) I was fully dilated and it was FINALLY time to start pushing. Before I started pushing they asked if I wanted a mirror to see the progress of pushing. At first I was completely against the idea, but eventually came around to it. It was SO helpful. It really gives you motivation when you see the babies head. After pushing for about an hour, at 11:20PM, he was here; all 8 lbs 10 oz and 20.5 inches of him! All 27 hours of labor were completely worth it!

birth story


Moral of the story…

With all of this being said, the biggest point I want to get across is: go into labor COMPLETELY open minded. Have no expectations on what will happen. Have an idea of what your ideal labor & delivery would look like, but along with it know that anything could happen. Every labor is SO different. All that matters it you’re comfortable (to some extent) and both you and baby are healthy. How you get to the end result of that beautiful baby being brought into the world doesn’t matter.

If you would be interested in a blog post on Epidural Vs. Analgesic (IV Drug), let me know in the comments! I will be sharing the, completely different, birth story of my second son in the near future! I would also love to hear your birth stories!



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  1. I was induced as well, with there being no signs of labor and being a week overdue. Those pitocin contractions are rough, and the epidural saved me. I had a big baby also, 9 pounds even, 21.5 inches long. You are spot on, if you are healthy, and baby is healthy, you can do what works for you. Thanks for sharing your birth story!

    1. Pitocin contractions are definitely no joke! I don’t know what I would have done without the epidural for my first! It’s so crazy how each labor can be so drastically different! Thanks for the comment!

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