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52 Weeks Of Me Challenge

A Habit You Have That You Wish You Didn’t


Oh, Sunday night… in other words the last day of the week and I haven’t even finished my weekly blog. Normally I have my “52 Weeks Of Me Challenge” blog for the week posted by Friday at the latest (while aiming for Wednesday). It is now Sunday and I’m still debating on which habit to write about because… what if there is a better habit to feature on this post? Do I go serious… or do I go light-hearted?! All of this back in forth in my head has lead me to my habit that I wish I didn’t have: Indecisiveness.

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet; I could probably go on for days about being indecisive. Being indecisive definitely runs in my family. My issue isn’t necessarily being indecisive, it’s more so too many options… Haha! Restaurants and shopping are the worst places for me to be. If a restaurant has a large menu.. forget it! I’ll most likely get the same thing as someone else. Shopping. Oh, Shopping… I have all of the best intentions, but I can never commit because… what if I find something better?! I never end up buying anything because I’m too afraid that I’ll miss out on something!

Being indecisive can definitely be a big curse. It’s very easy to miss out on things because you’re too busy debating on if something it the best choice. Being indecisive can definitely makes you stress your self out about making a decision that you’ll probably not end up making anyways. Sometimes being indecisive is a blessing, though. Being indecisive can make it so you don’t make a rash decision. You’ll hold off so long that eventually you’ll know it’s a deal you can beat. Often I’ll hold off on buying something because I can’t commit, but eventually an amazing sale comes up and I finally realize that’s the option I have to take! Haha.

So, although I’m indecisive… it’s a much bigger issue than just not being able to make up my mind! Haha. What is your habit that you wish you didn’t have? Please share it in the comments so I don’t feel so alone!


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