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52 Weeks of Me Challenge – Week 3

A Picture of Your Family

52 Weeks of me challenge

          I’m not going to lie, we are HORRIBLE at taking family pictures. I always have the best intentions but… children. I have quite possibly the worlds worst memory. So, the chances of my remembering to take a picture are slim to none… especially when I am surrounded by children, who are distracting. The only pictures we have are typically “selfie” type of pictures that I remember to take last minute… and they’re typically horrible.


family movie night
Family movie night! (July 21, 2016)

          Exactly as this looks… Kieran is 100% into the movie. Daxton is 100% crawling all over everyone and not paying even .1% bit of attention to the movie. They say don’t compare children… and they couldn’t be more right! These boys are complete opposites.


family picture
Pumpkin patch (October 2015)

          Every year we go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. The boys, of course, love it. The one we go to has pre-cut pumpkins just lying in a field. Next year I definitely want to go to a “real” pumpkin patch and find and pick our own pumpkins!


family picture
Dutch Winter Wonderland (November 26, 2016)

          For some reason we decide to torture ourselves every year to go to Dutch Wonderland. In the winter they have “winter wonderland.” Kieran is obsessed with the mascot, Duke. All year long he asks to go see Duke, because he’s his best friend. It’s really so much fun, though! Although we freeze our butts off, the lines are tolerable. The memories are totally worth it!


family picture
Christmas Eve Movie Night! (December 24, 2015)

          Christmas is probably my favorite time of the year. There is nothing better than Christmas movies, with the Christmas tree lighting up the room. Every year we all get matching Christmas pajamas and watch a Christmas movie.

         Hope you enjoyed week 3 of this 52 weeks of me challenge. Along with these… not so great pictures. Haha. Hey, it’s the memories! I feel like most of my pictures were around holiday traditions. Share some of your holiday traditions with me!

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