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Non-Traditional Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

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Non-traditional easter basket ideas for toddlersEaster is always one of those holidays that I struggle with getting quality items. I want to ensure they aren’t all candy or little toys that will just be broken, thrown away, and/or found all over the house with no home. I have put together a list of items that aren’t candy or little cheap toys. Don’t get me wrong, I usually pick one or two little candy items for the boys.  Reese’s pieces carrot and peeps (because for some reason my boys love peeps – BLECH!) are usually a hit around here. Here are a few Easter basket ideas!

1. Suspenders & Bowtie | Headbands

Over the summer my mother got remarried, which both of my boys were ring bearers. I ordered these suspenders and bowties for my boys to wear and they were adorable! They were the most reasonably priced bowtie&suspenders that I could find. The headband make me want a little girl more than I already do! Haha.

2. Movie – Hop

Kieran loves this movie! We rented it from the library once and he constantly asks to watch it. I have to say it is really cute!

3. Book – I Am A Bunny, Guess How Much I Love You

I personally like to get books that aren’t holiday specific. I like to not have to read random holiday books all throughout the year. In order to avoid that, I just get books that go with the theme of the holiday. Naturally, that of course equals rabbit/bunny books for Easter. Both of my boys love these books and we read them both at least a few times a week!easter eggs

4. Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs

We personally don’t have these, but I thought they were super cute! Last year Kieran played with the Easter eggs for weeks, until I slowly removed them all and he forgot about them. I thought this would solve that problem and give the something fun instead!

5. Water Bottle

Both of my boys drink a TON of water… like at least 2, and as many as 3 or 4, 24 oz water bottles every day. The childrens little 11oz water bottles just don’t cut it for us, unless I want to be filling water bottles all day, every day. We recently got 2 packs of these water bottles (Although they were on sale at Costco for $13.99 each (!!!! for 3 water bottles in each pack) and love them!

6. Name Puzzle

I just recently came across these as wish I knew they existed a few years ago! Such a genius idea! They’re super cute and fit along with a colorful Easter theme, but they’re so practical. I’m sure it would help with name recognition so much! I also love to make sure that I include something educational with everything!

7. Kite

Last Easter we got Kieran a kite. Honestly, we have yet to even use it. The weather here is weird and we couldn’t find a time that it was appropriate to use a kite. He has asked about it many times and still remembers that it’s just waiting for him in the garage.

kids rain boots

8. Rain boots

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a child in this world that doesn’t love boots. Both of my boys love to put on their snow boots, all year long, and prance around the house in them. I’m definitely thinking about getting them rain boots this year… because stinky feet from hot, sweaty snow boots are never fun!

9.  Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies/Annie’s Fruit Snacks

You can’t have an Easter basket without bunny snacks… need I say more?! You can also feel a little less guilty since they’re organic as well, right? Haha.

10. Water beads

We have not tried water beads yet, but I am dying to! I have the feeling the boys would freak out! However, Daxton is still heavily in the stage of putting things into his mouth. So, I have been a bit hesitant to try them out yet. If your kids aren’t in that stage… definitely give them a try. They look like tons of fun and kids love them!

11. Sunglasses

Every year I have to include in a cute little pair of sunglasses in their Easter basket. I typically get them from the dollar spot in Target, because they’re so darn cute… and only $1!

I hope this helps inspire you for Easter basket ideas for your little ones! Please comment and let me know any other traditions you have or unique ideas for your kids Easter baskets!



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